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Our licensed and Qualified team of renovation experts provide budget home improvement solutions across Townsville and North Queensland. We use creative processes, and with your input, the results will leave your living space looking as good as new. To achieve a beautiful renovation, you need an on-time renovation company, flexible to your budget.

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At Renovations To Your Door, we offer one-stop renovation services for both interior and exterior sections of your home. Any project we work on is guaranteed excellent craftsmanship, so you’ll get a beautiful place to spend time with your loved ones.
Full service
From Design To Completion

We work with you through the entire renovation process.

No hidden Costs
No Hidden Costs

All our prices are upfront. No unnecessary costs in between.

All Work Covered

We pay keen attention to detail. Nothing is left untouched.


    IMPROVE YOUR Bathroom

    Is your bathroom looking dull? Are the showers no longer as romantic as they used to be? We can help you achieve the ideal bathroom space. From traditional bathroom renovation to cottage style bathrooms, we have every thinkable concept ready. Get that sparkling bathroom space with a touch of class and functionality. Our experienced designers will ensure you get the perfect combination and incorporate your vision to whatever angle you see fit.


    IMPROVE YOUR Home Office

    As the world evolves into a new business realm, more and more people work at home. If you’re thinking of creating a home office, contact Renovations To Your Door for an exclusive home office renovation service. We can help you convert that space into a worthy and functioning home office. However, if you don’t have much space, we can extend a part of your home to accommodate the office.


    IMPROVE YOUR Kitchen

    Thinking of adding an island to your kitchen? Or maybe you need the latest set of cabinets that might take up more space. Our kitchen remodelling services work on an idea bugging you. Our designers use their creative juices during projects. You won’t have a hard time explaining what you want. The designers will ensure they breathe life into your home with our kitchen renovation services.


Unsure how to go about your outdated home?

Home renovations don’t have to be a tiresome process. The transformation needs to be smooth and efficient enough to continue with your day-to-day operations at peace. Of course, if you need to work with specialists, then Renovations To Your Door is your ultimate source of home renovations with no hidden costs

So What Makes a Good Renovation?

With so many Townville home renovation services, it might seem easy to find one that replenishes your home appeal. However, most companies sell their name and end up not doing the required renovation. If you want a home renovation service that will be with you throughout the whole process, we’re here for you.

For your home to be looking as good as new, the renovation needs to be top-class. You need to check at a few pointers that cut across all home renovation projects. Before accepting a home renovation project, ask yourself:

  • How detailed is the finishing?
  • Is the home renovation company located in Townville?
  • Do I have to worry about paying extra fees once the project is done?
  • Are the team of designers qualified? Any certifications?
  • Is there a follow-up from either member of the team after the project?

These questions will lead you to get an excellent home renovation project. You will be oddly satisfied and overwhelmed by the results if you ensure no stone is left unturned. Not to worry, Renovations To Your Door is here to cater for all your home renovation needs!

We have a long list of happy clients who have outsourced our renovation services. Our team of designers and constructors certainly know what they are doing.

Verified builders

Gavin Kinlyside


Gavin has been instrumental in providing the much needed service quality. Our home renovation services are unmatched, and a big chunk of homeowners in Townsville can attest to that.

  • Qualified:All our members go through a rigorous hiring process, and we make sure everyone is certified and has a passion for what they do.
  • Effective:​ Delivery is vital, and that’s why we have members who’ll do everything possible to complete your project the way you want.
  • Safe:Our renovation concepts are safe and tested. So never worry about your home’s safety- we got you!
  • ​Trusted:Clients in Townsville know that we deliver, and that’s why we are a trusted brand.
  • ​Local:We get people from around Townsville, so we understand all the ideal home reno concepts.
  • ​Preferred Provider: We offer satisfactory services with the latest technology trends and equipment. We are efficient and the most preferred service provider for homeowners.

Professional Renovations

We offer professional renovations using a wide range and classes of materials. We bring our A-game in small and medium renovations with top-notch upgrades.

Be it an extension of your patio, deck, or even a small fix, we do partial renovations that'll make a difference to your home.


Getting that sink redone is easy with us. We do small renovations at friendly prices. Get your home shining with renovations that matter.


We also do medium renovations to your home such as sunrooms, fireplaces, kitchen, bedroom and more.


Our full renovation package includes everything needed to make your home look as good as new.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Though people criticise the process of home renovations, I was thrilled to have a smooth process at Renovations To Your Door. They were professional and we even stayed in the house during the whole process.

James A.

Thank you guys for the amazing job you did. We are grateful and the outcome was just the way we wanted.

Donna W.

Renovations To Your Door Is a very responsive renovations team. They take note of details and provide excellent industry knowledge. They look after their clients! Highly recommend!

Alex M.


Indeed, Renovations To Your Door knows what they are doing! We wasted a couple of bucks with an architect only to come and find such an alternative. Renovations To Your Door’s design was far much better and they did it in a shorter period.

Liam B.


We understand that home renovation can take up much of your time and at times your mind is running with questions. Here is a list of commonly asked questions from our previous clients.
How long will the home renovation take?

Each project is different. Once you schedule a consultation with us, we will have an intense design and preparation process which takes different times depending on the project. You can book an appointment with us for full details on how long your project will take.

Will we have to move out of our Townsville home?

Not necessarily. We encourage families to remain in their homes as the project continues but if you wish to move out, it’s also not an issue. Our renovation process is neat and we won’t interfere with other sections of the house.

Who will take care of our Townsville home extension?

We hire a vetted professional to look after the construction during the whole process. The supervisor will keep you updated on the progress and any information related to your home renovation.

Don't Delay Your Reno

Ready to come up with a new home renovation? Talk to the top-level designers and Townsville home renovators at Renovations To Your Door today! We’ll be delighted to serve you and probably come up with a home renovation plan. Don’t hesitate, give us a try!